Courier service

Courier dispatch -
Fast, reliable and worldwide!

In today’s world, where everything happens in a matter of seconds, speed and reliability are essential when sending parcels. EX-PACK from Emmerich understands this and offers exactly that – a first-class courier service that ensures your parcels reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

Express courier delivery: when every second counts
Do you need a service that enables deliveries at short notice? Express courier shipping from EX-PACK takes “fast” to a whole new level. Whether it’s important business documents, a small gift or other consignments, the express option guarantees that your parcel will arrive without delay.

Small but mighty: special service for smaller parcels
Not every consignment requires a large lorry or container. EX-PACK offers a specialised service for smaller parcels that require special attention. This service ensures that even small parcels receive the same priority and care as large consignments.

Consignment tracking: Keep an overview
With EX-PACK you are always up to date. Thanks to state-of-the-art shipment tracking
you can track your parcel from Emmerich worldwide in real time. This means you always know where your consignment is and when it will reach its destination.

Worldwide courier shipping: unlimited possibilities
EX-PACK has the network and the expertise to send parcels not just locally or nationally, but worldwide. No matter where your consignment needs to go, EX-PACK ensures that it arrives safely and reliably.

24-hour delivery service: there for you around the clock
Life does not keep to business hours. That’s why EX-PACK offers a 24-hour delivery service. Whether it’s night, weekend or a public holiday, EX-PACK is ready to take over your consignment and deliver it as quickly as possible.

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