Professional documentation and comprehensive services

Fast and reliable customs clearance with our documentation and services

At EX-PACK, we not only offer you high-quality packaging solutions, but also a wide range of documentation and services to facilitate and optimise your export process. Our experienced experts are at your side and ensure that all the necessary documents and certificates are prepared correctly and promptly.

MRN - Fast and efficient document processing

With our service for creating MRN (Mandatory Reference Number) documentation, we ensure that your export documents are available in the required format. Thanks to our online solutions, you can obtain the documents quickly and easily to ensure your export to third countries runs smoothly. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with all customs-related questions.

EUR.1 - Proof of preference for duty-free/preferential imports

For exports to countries that grant preferential tariffs, we offer the creation of EUR.1 documents. As a movement certificate, the EUR.1 document enables duty-free or discounted import into the country of destination. Our experts know the requirements and support you in issuing these important documents correctly.

A.TR. - Customs clearance for exports to Turkey

We issue A.TR. documents for exports to Turkey. These movement certificates serve as proof of preference and enable duty-free or discounted import into the country of destination. We ensure that all the necessary information is correctly noted on the A.TR. documents and support you with smooth customs clearance.

Certificate of origin - documentation of the origin of goods

If you need a certificate of origin for export, we are your competent partner. The certificate of origin is an important document for customs and confirms the origin of the goods. It enables duty-free or discounted import into the country of destination, particularly within the European Union. Our experts ensure that all relevant information is correctly noted on the certificate of origin.

Letter of credit - Secure payment processing with buyer and seller protection

We offer the processing of letters of credit for your international transactions. A letter of credit (L/C) is a promise of payment from a bank that secures both the buyer and the seller. With our experience in processing letters of credit, we ensure smooth and secure payment processing.

Professional container stowage and transport securing

To ensure that your goods are optimally protected during sea freight transport, we offer expert container stowage and professional transport securing. Our employees regularly attend seminars on load securing in accordance with the applicable regulations, ensuring that they put the skills they have learnt into practice with precision. Our legally required VGM officers confirm the verified gross weight of the container to the shipping companies in order to protect everyone involved at the transhipment centres from accidents.

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